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How this works

When you order this logo, one of our in-house designers will send you a preview image showing the logo with your company name and any changes that you requested. We can't make major changes to the image in the logo (that would make it a custom logo), but we will put your company name in there plus any other text you want included and we will change the font, colors and layout. We offer unlimited alterations, which means we will stick with you to fine-tune this logo until you are 100% happy with how it looks.

We will also make recommendations and suggestions along the way. Our designers typically send you the logo the way you want to see it and then include different layouts that they feel could also work. Then it's up to you to either pick a winner or request more changes.


When we receive your order, this logo will be marked as "Sold" on the site. This usually happens within 1 business day. Eventually the logo will be removed from the site as we add more logos. We will never resell this logo. The copyright and exclusive ownership is yours.

Money-back guarantee

If you order this logo and it does not turn out as good as you hoped, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked. More details here.

The final logo

When you accept one of the designs in the preview images we will deliver your new logo to you in print-ready vector format and web-ready raster format. Specifically we supply the logo in CDR, PDF, PNG, JPG and GIF formats, including a grayscale and a black and white version of the logo. Additional formats can be supplied on request. There is no additional charge for additional formats.

After the sale

Once the project is complete, your logo is backed up to our archive. Should you ever loose your logo files, simply ask us to send them to you again. This service is free.


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