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Are your pre-designed logos resold?

Absolutely not. If it says "Sold" on the web site, you can not purchase it. Not for any money. We transfer the copyright to the client so we literally don't own that logo anymore. When a logo is purchased we mark it as "Sold" on the site (normally the following business day) and eventually remove that logo from the site as we add new logos.

Which custom logo design package is better? Silver or Gold?

That depends on you. If you have a clear idea of how you want your future logo to look, the Silver Package is better. If not then we recommend the Gold Package which allows us more room to experiment. If you can't decide between the two, go for the cheaper option. You can always upgrade later on by paying only the difference.

How many designers will work on my logo?

As many as are needed. We don't assign your logo to a bunch of designers. Not right off the bat. We find it's easier for everyone if you have one designer working on your logo. We do have several full-time, in-house designers though so if the design isn't going as smoothly as you (or our company director) wants it to, we'll switch to a fresh designer or bring more designers in on the project.

I need it YESTERDAY! How fast can you deliver?

Our normal turnarounds are:

Pre-designed logos: 1 business day per revision.
Custom logo, Silver package: 3 business days per revision.
Custom logo, Gold package: 1 business day per revision.

That's pretty fast, compared to our competitors, but if you need it even faster please ask the designer that you're working with about our rush option.

Do you use templates? How do I know my logo is unique?

We don't use templates or clip-art. Ever. Each logo we sell, including our pre-designed logos, are created in-house and created from scratch. We work hard to ensure that our logos are unique and a cut above the rest.

Your money-back guarantee sounds great. Where's the fine print?

Yes, our money-back guarantee is pretty impressive, if we say so ourselves. We believe that you should go away from here with either your perfect logo or all of your money still in your wallet. There's no fine print.

How will I communicate with the designer(s)?

We prefer email communication, but you're welcome to phone during business hours and ask to speak to your designer directly. Design feedback must reach us in an email though (so that we have a record and so that it can be fed into our production system). You're welcome to phone to chat with your designer about design options etc., but then please also send a summary of your instructions to us in an email. Otherwise we end up with design instructions scribbled on pieces of paper - which makes it difficult for us to deliver the level of service that our company is known for.

How often do you add new pre-designed logos to the site?

There's no set schedule, but usually about once every two months - sometimes more, depending on order volumes.

Do you offer discounts?

Usually not, unless you're requesting a discount for a non-profit organization.

Do you retain any rights to my logo?

The only right we retain is the right to display your logo in our portfolio of past work, either online or in printed promotional material. We do not retain any other rights. The copyright and exclusive ownership is yours. There is no fine print that will enable us to charge you more money down the line in connection with the use of your logo.

Can you give my existing logo a makeover?

Yes, we can. Send us an email detailing any specific changes you need (if any) and attach your existing logo. We will get back to you with a price - normally well below the cost of a brand new logo.

Are the final logo files "print-ready"?

Yes, they are. We deliver your logo files in print-ready and web-ready formats. Specifically we will provide your logo in CDR, PDF, PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Additional formats (unlimited) available on request at no additional charge.

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